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What To Consider When Choosing Car Insurance?

by admin   ·  1 year ago  

We all know that there are all-risk insurance for cars, but are you clear about which is the best auto insurance for you? In this article, you can know what to consider when picking out good insurance for your vehicle. Is that according to your profile, habits, and vehicle, you may be more interested in insurance that has certain characteristics, as a chosen driver or international assistance, which can help you save a lot of money in the long term.

And is that while buying the best car insurance requires additional investment, if you take advantage of the benefits offered by insurers, you will see that all risk insurance is not “a luxury” but an assistant on the road.

Next, we will tell you some of those services that you usually do not have present when you are going to take out an all risk insurance, and that it is important to know, to access protection adjusted to your needs and of course, to your budget.

Additional Coverages

As an added value when taking this type of policy and according to your budget, you can count on special benefits that the insurer offers to make your life easier, in the midst of the difficulties that an event such as an accident or the stealing your car

Extracontractual Civil Liability

When purchasing an insurance policy all risks for cars are covered in cases where there is total or partial loss for damage, total or partial loss for theft and damage or injury to third parties, the latter was known in the specialized jargon as Extracontractual Civil Liability and that You can know in detail in our article What should I know before buying a car insurance?

At the time of taking the policy and according to the value of it, insurers put at your disposal shelves in different amounts for such coverages, which we must keep in mind because, in the event of a loss, the company will respond up to the value that it is specified.


One of the determining factors when choosing a vehicle insurance policy is the percentage corresponding to the deductible (Learn more about the deductible with our article Deductible insurance policies in 5 commandments ). This figure represents the value that you must pay to the insurer of the amount calculated for an accident and that is generally 10%, although in some cases and depending on variables such as the insured value (vehicle price in Fasecolda) or the incident occurred (total loss or minor damages, for example), it can increase or decrease, and even disappear.

It also happens that the deductible can be set at a minimum wage, in which case, according to the value committed in the loss, you will have to pay the company that amounts so that it covers the remaining balance.

All Risk Insurance

Before purchasing an all-risk insurance for cars, it must be clear that this works as a complement to the tax since the coverage of the latter is often insufficient in the face of the various incidents and situations that arise in the roads and that, when taking an additional shelter, we can compensate in a much more optimal and comfortable .

Through insurance, all risk protect the investment you make in a car because the insurer covers the cost originated in accidents, theft, total or partial damage and even damage or injury to third parties for various amounts.

So, when an event occurs in which you, your vehicle or even a third person are involved, the insurer will respond to your name and compensate those affected in the way that corresponds according to the case.