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What Are The Benefits Of Getting Car Insurance?

by admin   ·  1 year ago  

Having car insurance is part of our responsibility as citizens and anticipates unforeseen events that could affect our economic future and emotional stability.

When we reach the age of majority and start our working life, one of the first assets we want to buy is a car. Many times we must save years or even get into debt to buy it. Now, imagine that once you have it, an unforeseen event occurs and your car is damaged. How much will it cost me to repair it? Who should I go to? Can I recover the value of the car? These and many other questions will invade your mind in seconds.

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

This type of coverage offers different types of solutions in case your car goes through different situations of loss. Covers the partial and/or total loss of the insured vehicle as a result of a crash or theft and the repair costs of the insured vehicle, up to the value of the insured. The insured damages in this category are the following:

Accident: Damages referred to those who suffer the vehicle as a result of a collision, confusion or overturning. The direct, immediate and proven material damage that the insured vehicle may suffer as a result of rollover, overshoot or accidental collision with moving or stationary objects is covered.
Fire: The damage caused by combustion to the vehicle due to an accident or a fortuitous event, provided that it was caused by external agents or outside the insured vehicle, whether the vehicle is parked or moving.

Political risks: The losses or damages suffered by the vehicle caused by strikes, terrorism, malicious damage and civil commotion, public disorder or crimes against public order or terrorism; as well as losses or damages that occur due to the abnormal situation caused by any of the aforementioned facts or situations; vandalism, whether such an act is carried out during an alteration of public order or not.
Nature’s Risks: The losses or damages suffered by the vehicle due to earthquake, rain, wind and/or flood, as long as the contracted policy has the risk clause of nature.

To prevent and anticipate unforeseen events it is important that we protect ourselves, therefore, it is necessary to have car insurance today. Review the main benefits of having an automobile policy.

Replace your stolen or crashed car. Having car insurance ensures coverage for accidents and protects you against damage or total or partial loss of your vehicle in case of accident or theft.

It covers damages to third parties and medical expenses. It covers the responsibility that may be incurred by the owner for damages caused to third parties, in the event of a collision or traffic accident. In addition, you can use this coverage to pay your medical expenses after an accident.

Pay property damage. If you have an accident and your car needs to be repaired, the policy covers a percentage of the damage.

Legal protection It includes a legal orientation service and in case of demand guarantees the service of professional lawyers who will process your freedom and the car, covering the fines and corresponding bonds.

Roadside assistance. If you have any unexpected on the road, the insurer will help you with a crane, gasoline, tire change, among others.

Having auto insurance is not a luxury, it is part of our individual responsibility before society. It is here, where car insurance plays a crucial role since it shows you which insurance is the most convenient for the type of car you have. Also, according to the budget you have, you will receive the ideal option when making the quote at the beginning of the page.

Visit and compare live all the market offers so you can choose the insurance that best suits you.