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What Are Some Steps To Choosing Good Health Insurance?

by admin   ·  9 months ago  

A challenge for me, and for you, your reading if you have ever thought about hiring health insurance. we will teach you to distinguish what interests you the most.

Health insurance offers you a series of advantages, such as choosing the specialist that you like best within a medical chart. It also gives you the possibility to perform the diagnostic tests prescribed to you without having to be on a waiting list. But this is just an attractive part of insurance.

We talk about health, your health and that of your family, so any decision seems complicated. There are other circumstances that make it difficult to know if you are choosing the insurance that best suits your needs.

To make your task easier, I give you 15 very useful tips when choosing your private health insurance.

1. Select The Health Insurance Modality

Choosing the insurance modality will be the first step you will have to take. Then others will come, such as selecting which coverage to include or if you are going to include the family.

This is a small summary of the modalities that you can find right now in the market:

2 Medical

It is assistance insurance where the insurer puts at your disposal a medical chart according to a catalog of specialties. It usually includes primary care to hospitalization.

It is the most contracted medical insurance modality, in which you can include the so-called copayment to reduce your price. We’ll see a little later how it works.

3 Reimbursement of Expenses

The modality of reimbursement of expenses or free medical choice allows you to choose the specialist you want to be in the company’s medical table or not. You will have to pay the bill and the insurer will refund your amount according to the percentage you have agreed on the policy, normally between 80 and 95%.

4 Mixed Insurance

There is a mixed formula that allows you to enjoy the medical picture and the services of free choice. A complete modality and of course much more expensive.

Choosing between them will be even easier after reading this article: Health insurance: what should I know before hiring?

5. Rate If It’s Worth Including The Co-payment

How expensive is the price of insurance, because there you have the co-payment. This is the amount that you will have to pay out of pocket in each medical assistance.

It serves to lower the insurance premium but you will have to make some numbers before deciding to include it.

Its inclusion is limited to the modalities where the assistance is carried out through the medical staff. In the form of reimbursement of expenses, the copayment is equivalent to the percentage that the insurer will not pay you when you reimburse the cost of the benefit.

6. Contrast What Is The Experience Of The Insurer In Health Insurance

Being prepared to respond to unforeseen situations, providing assistance abroad in case of emergency or having a wide network of clinics and medical professionals, together with accessible customer service will give you an idea of ​​the level of experience of the insurance carrier.

7. Values That Have A Quality Medical Picture

It is about your health, it is necessary to verify that the medical table offered by the insurer is of quality.

8. Verify The Quality Of The Healthcare Centers

As important as the quality of the medical table is that the centers where you will receive assistance are distinguished by having a good level of care, unbeatable facilities, and equipment.

9. Quick Access To Authorizations

One of the problems that private health insurance has is that each assistance needs authorization from the insurer. It is essential that they have a good telephone, computer or personal attention service that resolves the authorization quickly. Ask for the procedure and the means with which you are going to tell, it will be very useful in your decision.